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How Will We Know When She is Dead?

in production...a writer is never satisfied, so another draft is in the works!


Sisters ordinarily have a special bond, but ours was strengthened by the traumas and losses we experienced as kids, as the two children of a famous author and his beautiful but deeply disturbed wife. Only we could understand how that was for us. Only we could deconstruct it, a process that was healing, fascinating, and immensely difficult. So we began to write and when we shared our stories, we spent many days comparing our recollections. In How Will We Know When She Is Dead? I never try to find the “truth,” or to homogenize the narrative. We each believed our memories were completely accurate but accepted that the other remembered it differently. Memory is funny that way. You can trust it to some degree but also accept that it’s reshaped over time. There is no absolute reality. The reality is the totality of what she and I believed together. What never changed or varied is the solid constancy of the love that bound us. The details just don’t matter. What matters is that she lives on through our stories and my memories.

The Parent's Guide to Birdnesting: A Child-Centered Solution to Co-Parenting During Separation and Divorce

In this book, readers will learn:


  1. What is "nesting" and why you should consider it
  2. How to know if it is right for your family
  3. Practical steps to living arrangements
  4. How to talk to kids and others about your plan to nest
  5. Creating a Nesting Agreement and a Parenting Plan
  6. Financial concerns and budgeting
  7. Dating and new relationships while nesting
  8. Deal breakers to nesting (what it takes to nest successfully)
  9. Self-care while nesting (while separating or divorcing)
  10. How long to nest and how to end the nesting